Modes of Delivery

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Modes of Delivery

A hybrid / blended approach to offering the academic programmes of WBC will be implemented. Theoretical and selected practical modules will be offered on-line. Adequate provision will be made for ‘hands-on’ training.

Water Business College (WBC) will apply relevant / latest technology, software and virtual reality simulations to effectively / optimally deliver the knowledge, practical and workplace experience modules of these qualifications.

Contact Time / Lectures – The core teaching methods / approaches for the Knowledge and Practical Skills modules comprise primarily of lectures, practicals, case studies and group discussions. The programme structures define the scheduling and duration of each module of the Knowledge and Practical Skills Competency areas specific to the occupational qualification. The module content will be relevant / appropriate and continuously adapted to changing trends within the water services and water resource sectors.

Assignments / Case Studies – Modules will be supplemented with a case study (i.e. self-study and concise report) that will further explore the module content. Assignments / case studies will be designed to supplement the understanding of technical / mechanical concepts / systems and practical implementation through independent and peer learning.

Practicals – Practicals will follow a combination of a ‘hands-on’ approach and/or a simulation of systems (where applicable). Practical lectures / classes will be supplemented with site visits to water services / water resource intuitions to, for example, experience water reticulation, water treatment and water supply systems in operation.

Workplace Experience – The workplace experience component involves the placement of the learner in an approved workplace to gain relevant on-the-job experience. A web-based platform will be developed to facilitate scheduled group communications between the lecturers and learners while in their respective workplaces and/or places of employment. Such interactions will be recorded and made available as a podcasts. Students will also have to submit a project report relevant to a specific module and based on an existing project.

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