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Water Business College (WBC) represents an educational institute to enable experienced and / or specialist water practitioners to share their knowledge, in the form of registered and accredited qualifications, certificate courses / modules and short courses, in a structured and consistent manner.

Centre of Excellence to contribute to the improvement of water management


Water Business College (WBC) is an accredited Skills Development Provider (SDP) to implement the following occupational qualifications:
Water Business College (WBC) will apply to the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) to offer additional occupational qualifications.
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Water Business College has experienced & specialist facilitators / practitioners / lecturing staff with a strong background in both the academic and working environments and with competencies relevant to the qualifications
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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

The occupational qualifications will be offered over a 2-year period and will be structured in a manner to accommodate the requirements of both part-time (i.e. employed staff) and full-time learners. A hybrid / blended approach to offering the academic programmes of WBC will be implemented. Theoretical and selected practical modules will be offered on-line. Adequate provision will be made for ‘hands-on’ training.
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Accredited and Registered Qualifications as well as Short Courses in Water Services and Water Resources Sectors

Water Reticulation Practitioner (NQF Level 04)

Water Reticulation Practitioner (NQF Level 04)

The specific occupational tasks for a Water Reticulation Practitioner include (NQF Level 04):
  • Installing water reticulation infrastructure.
  • Operating and maintaining water reticulation systems.
  • Managing a water reticulation team.
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Water Infrastructure Manager (NQF Level 08)

Water Infrastructure Manager (NQF Level 08)

The Water Infrastructure Manager (NQF Level 8) focusses on the management of water infrastructure assets with respect to the acquisition, operation and maintenance of such assets to reduce associated risks and costs over the life-cycle of the water infrastructure.
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Short Courses- Mining Environment

Short Courses- Mining Environment

The main objective of the varied short courses on Mine Water Management is to improve water resource management across the mining environment. Current accredited 1-Day short courses include: More Details

Closing Dates for Applications:

  • The closing date for the NQF Level 4 qualification (Water Reticulation Practitioner) is the 15 February 2022, unless the maximum number of applications is attained before 15 February 2022.
  • We will publish the closing date for the NQF Level 8 qualification (Water Infrastructure Manager) in due time.
  • We plan to schedule an initial intake period during March / April 2022 (for the NQF Level 4 qualification) and a second intake period during June / July 2022 (for both the NQF Level 4 and NQF Level 8 qualifications).
  • Water Business College (WBC) intends to limit the maximum number of learners / applicants (for both the NQF Level 4 & 8 qualifications) for the first intake periods during 2022.

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